Being Meaningful

Weaving Soma-Reflective Technological Mediations into the Fabric of Daily Life
TEI 2023 Studio, February 26, 2023 @ University of Warsaw, Poland & Online


Welcome to the Being Meaningful site! This site includes all of the information on our TEI '23 Studio, including information about the one-day studio program, the organizers, our inspiration, and how to get involved this year at the TEI conference and beyond.

Please get in touch regarding late proposal submissions.

In this Studio, we playfully tackle the challenges of implementing meaningful design strategies by engaging with the nuances of soft, flexible, and organic materials, collectively designing probes to embrace plurality, embody meaning, and encourage soma-reflection. Focusing on materiality and practices from e-textiles, soft robotics, and biomaterials research, we address technology’s role as a mediator of our experiences and determiner of our realities.

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